How Curated Content Can Be Effective for Linkbuilding

How Curated Content Can Be Effective for Linkbuilding

Content curation has been a trending topic in the SEO world for some time now. You may have come across the term numerous times but never really thought of how it works. Content curation is more than just sharing good content, it’s about working on that content to make it even better. It is actually quite similar to a museum exhibit curation.

When you think about it, museum exhibits, well-crafted in their own right, have their value enhanced even further with curation. For example, museums carefully select an exhibit; place it at the right spot for maximum public impact, offer tours, guidebooks, and notations for each exhibit. Content curation is done similarly, except it is digital.

Content curation can be a great tool for linkbuilding. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Increase Value of Local Content

Merely posting content on a website for the sake of it won’t do you any good. Consumers rely on your content to provide them with something of value. When it comes to curating content, the first thing you should do is optimize your already existing articles. Categorize specific content according to consumer groups, give recommendations, and analyze content so that your audience can find something of value.

Post Content Regularly

Having a regular posting schedule really helps when it comes to content curation. When you establish a schedule, people will look forward to your posts. They will know you’ll be posting new content on a Monday or a Wednesday etc. You can also provide your customers the option for receiving new content through email. A regular schedule can build up viewers’ expectations and will definitely return for more if they are interested in what you have to say.

Use Different Platforms

These days, the internet is chock full of a variety of interesting platforms that you can use to post and curate your content on. Whether it’s Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, article directories, and what not, you have a wide variety of choice. Choose a platform that best works for your target audience and is ideal for publishing your content on.

Engage With Viewers

Part of using content curation for linkbuilding is maintaining a good relationship with your consumer base. Online content isn’t just a one-way street; you can actually interact and engage with your viewers for the best results. Curate your content to include discussion forums or feedback forms where they can have actual conversations with you or other viewers. Prime your content to be an online dialogue.

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