Content Distribution – How to Effectively Promote Your Blog Posts

Content Distribution – How to Effectively Promote Your Blog Posts

You spent hours researching, analyzing, writing, editing, optimizing, and what not to make your blog post your best yet. But now what? You’re done with the writing part, but how do you get it across to viewers? This is where content distribution comes in. according to Buzzsumo, around 50% of the content that marketer shares receives approximately 8 shares or less. That’s disturbingly less recognition for all the effort you put in.

Many marketers fail to get their content out on the net sufficiently and optimally. In addition to writing the content, promoting it is just as important. What’s the point of writing really great articles if no one’s there to read it?

These tips can help you distribute your content more efficiently.

Use Social Media to Your Advantage

Once your blog post is ready to be published, consider sharing it across all your social media platforms. If you don’t have them, make them already! With 3.196 users across the world, social media is a force to be reckoned with. You should consider setting up business pages for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more.

You can use social media for content distribution by posting the link to the article on your channels, accompanied with a short blurb to entice viewers into reading it. Make sure to mention what benefit the readers can gain from your blog post.

Engage With Niche Target Groups

Find creative ways to share your content with niche audience groups that are more inclined towards hearing what you have to say. You can reach out to specific target audiences through social media groups like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ groups and communities. You can also post your content on specific forums and directories that cater to specific audiences.

Utilize Different Blogs

Running a successful content strategy doesn’t just mean churning out your own articles on the regular. It also means sharing other blogs and content that you find interesting or that provides value to your readers. You can find quality niche blogs that present different viewpoints, useful information, and other things of value to your readers. You can also share your own blogs on similar topics to promote your own content.

Use Article Directories

Article submission sites are a great way of distributing your content and making sure it reaches the maximum audience possible. You can use article submission services for various things such as promoting your book, or for sharing articles on specific topics such as cryptocurrency, travel, entrepreneurship, etc.

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