Why You Should Consider Submitting Articles to Article Directories

Internet marketing has taken off and everyone knows that the key to business success is understanding and utilizing the potential of digital marketing.

Article directories have seen quite an increase in popularity and usage in the recent years. It’s the perfect place for a marketer to promote their content, for a blogger to build links, for webmasters to get access to more content, and for readers to benefit from a wide plethora of content written on every topic possible.

Article directories play a major role in improving SEO and link-building strategies to optimize your content for virtual victory. You can submit your article for publication for specific categories and gain traffic from interested readers.

Here are a few benefits of article submission.

You Get Free Advertising

Article directories are a great way of getting your advertising done right. Many article directories allow linking back the content to your own website. If you have any products or services on which you’ve written articles, you can directly link back the product to your own website. This way, you can indirectly advertise your services or product and gain increased Web traffic.

Boost Business and Personal Credibility

Many article directories feature a bio or an About The Author box at the end of each article that’s been submitted. You can use this promote your business or build your own personal image online. Don’t forget to include links in the bio back that redirect the reader back to your main page for more information.

Furthermore, once you’ve submitted enough quality content to online directories, you’ll have established yourself as a credible expert and a leading resource in your field. Viewers will prefer you on the basis of your wide industry knowledge and expertise.

Increased Web Traffic

This goes without saying, with all the link-building you’ll be doing with article submission, you’re bound to see a steep hike in your own website traffic.

Article directories serve as a portal through which potential customers can land on your business from all over the Web. It also helps you can extensive exposure to a wide consumer base.

Viral Content Marketing

Once your article has been published on an online directory, you automatically get a chance to make your content ‘viral’. This means that your article can be republished, shared, and back-linked all over the internet, helping you gain wider exposure.

Generate Leads Without a Website

Even if you don’t have a website, article directories can serve as replacement personal pages for your articles and will help you gain new leads and sales through article marketing. You can list down your contact and business details in the bio box in order for new customers to reach out to you.

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Easy Ways to Improve Your Conversion Rate

You’re probably happy that your website is generating thousands of visitors every month. There’s enough traffic to keep your website going. But if that traffic doesn’t convert, what’s the point?

If those visitors aren’t purchasing your products or availing your services, what’s the point? If you’re spending thousands to maintain your website, then it should generate customers and not just visitors.

But before you panic, know that there’s light at the end of the tunnel. Use this blog as your guiding light to improve your conversion rates.

Here’s what you can do:

Use Compelling Call-to-Action

When you post your articles on an article directory, you’re probably just adding something along the lines of, “To learn more, click here.”

But that’s not only vague; it’s not helping your readers learn more about what their next step should be. They’ll open your website, glance at the homepage and close it.

You’re getting your fair share of visitors but you’re not getting anywhere.

Instead, create powerful a powerful call-to-action for each article. Be specific.

Write something like, “If you’re looking for XYZ services in ABC, Company A has everything you’re looking for. From A, B, C, and D, to X, Y, Z, they offer an array of products.”

This way, you’re adding links to different pages on your website and your readers will know which ones they should click on.

If they like the products you’re offering they’ll sign up and place an order. This will turn them into customers.

Pay Careful Attention To Your Headline

Don’t write articles for the sake of writing articles. You’ll end up driving your readers away. Make sure that your headlines don’t have any typos and are grammatically correct.

Secondly, make sure that your content is relevant to the headline and vice versa. If your head line is related to “XYZ” but your content is based on “ABC” your readers will get confused and stop reading.

Post Your Articles On An Article Directory

One of the best ways you can convert visitors into customers is by posting your articles on an article directory. When you add keywords, inbound and outbound links, your articles will show up on the directories online.

So when your target audience looks up a keyword you’ve used in your content, they’ll automatically be shown search results linking to your articles.

Now all that’s left is to find a reliable article directory.

That’s where we come in!

Article submission can help build an online presence for your brand. If you’re looking to submit articles for free online, sign up with us! We’re one of the leading article submission websites available online.

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5 Blogging Mistakes to Avoid

Blogging and content marketing has skyrocketed to fame in the digital world these past few years. Everyone from individuals to big businesses is hopping aboard the blogging bandwagon. Blogging and building a solid content strategy can help you achieve a higher search engine ranking and by doing so, getting more web traffic and ultimately more revenue. It’s a win-win situation all around.

With a massive 77% of people reading online blogs and with 61% of consumers making purchase decisions based on blogs, needless to say blogging has a number of benefits.

When building a blog development strategy, a lot of people make rookie mistakes that can be easily avoided. In a competition saturated market, having the best content is key. Below are the top blogging mistakes you should avoid.

1. Writing Boring Content

Many companies want to project an image that is professional and corporate. But while projecting your company to be professional is all well and good, when it comes to blogs, formal writing is not what you need. Writing your blogs in an overly professional or technical manner will just result in the content being too dry and boring. No one wants to read a piece like that. On the other hand, a company blog shouldn’t be overly informal either. You have to maintain a healthy balance between the two.

2. Writing Generic Blogs

If your blog post is all over the place, it’s not going to make any sense to the reader. Make sure your blog isn’t rambling or going off in different tangents. Blog pieces work best when they’re centered on a specific topic and features closely related subjects. This will ensure your audience actually reads through your blog and finds content that is of interest and value to them specifically.

3. Over-Posting Blogs

You shouldn’t be churning out multiple blogs per day just for the sake of it. When it comes to blogging, quality trumps quantity. You should focus on posting one high-quality piece rather than three subpar ones. If you post a lot, your viewers will get sick of seeing your blog posts constantly hogging their newsfeeds. Posting content once or twice a week works just fine.

4. Posting Blogs Inconsistently

Humans are creatures of habit and as readers; they expect you to follow a schedule when it comes to posting blogs. You can’t just post three pieces in one week and then disappear for an entire month. Space out your blog posting schedule so that you have some new content for your readers every week.

5. Poor Writing

And of course, poorly written blogs can be a death knell to your blogging. If your blogs are written sloppily, not edited properly, or just have no content value, your readers will soon lose interest. Make sure you’re writing high quality blogs that are captivating enough to catch the reader’s attention.

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Content 101: Creating Headlines That’ll Grab Attention

“One-Armed Man Applauds The Kindness Of Strangers”

“Midget Sues Grocer, Cites Belittling Remarks”

“Federal Agents Raid Gun Shop, Find Weapons”


It goes without saying that headlines like these stick out more than the actual content. Chances are, you’ll probably be amused by the headline but will find the content to be absolutely boring.

Other times, you’ll come across an article with an unimaginative title that won’t pique your interest in the least bit. But you’ll be amazed by the content.

The truth is the average human attention span is less than that of a goldfish. This means that if a goldfish has an attention span of eight seconds, you need to be able to grab your audience’s attention within five seconds.

So, how can you come up with compelling headlines that’ll draw your readers’ attention?

Ask an Interesting Question

When you’re writing an article, keep in mind that if your headline isn’t catchy, your readers won’t even get to the introduction.

So, in order to pique their interest, start by asking them a question. If you start with, “Did you know…” and “How will you…” it’s guaranteed to grab their attention and get them thinking!

For example: if your article focuses on the latest trends in the interior design industry, you can title your article, “Are You Following These X Interior Design Trends?”

Give Them Facts and Figures

Did you know, 80 percent of readers read headlines while 20 percent pay attention to the copy?

Bet that got your attention!

When you state facts, it’s bound to make your readers curious. You’re telling them something they want to know. You’re giving them something to think about.

For example: if someone is conscious about how the products they use impact the environment, go with a headline like, “ABC Research Center Finds That Organic Foods Are Good For The Environment.

You can also use something along the lines of, “Research shows Gen Z Prefers XYZ Instead of ABC.”

Use Puns

A bit of humor goes a long way. If your topic is fun and the tone is supposed to be casual, go ahead and add a pun to the title. Puns are harmless but they’re guaranteed to grab attention.

For example: You’re writing about pasta, you can title your article, “Penne For Your Thoughts: 5 Pasta Recipes To Try This Summer

Bonus tip: make sure that your titles are unique and creative. Don’t make them too long because that’ll beat the purpose of a headline. But make sure you’re not misleading the reader. Your content should be relevant to the title and vice versa.


Now that you know how to craft simple but compelling headlines, posts your content on Blofit!

Blofit is a free article directory that can help you build an online presence for your brand and boost your articles online! Register with us today to see quick results!

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The Best Marketing Strategies to Promote Your Articles and Blogs

Blogging and content marketing have become a burgeoning career choice for a number of people. Many individuals have taken up blogging and content creation as a full-time job, and not just that—they’ve managed to make a name for themselves as well. Amassing hundreds and thousands of followers online, these bloggers have accomplished a lot.

But blogging is not exactly everyone’s cup of tea. The ratio of successful bloggers is not particularly high. But when done right, it can provide a number of benefits. In addition to creating great content and putting in hard work and effort, you also need marketing strategies to take your content to the next level.

Let’s see how you can promote your online content effectively.

Market It on Social Media

Social media is everywhere, and everyone’s using it. It’s projected that there will be around 2.77 billion social media users around the world in 2019. So promoting your articles and blogs on social media platforms is a must. Not only is it conveniently available, but you’ll also have access to a large audience that’s willing to listen to and read your content.

Stay Active on Relevant Online Forums

When it comes to marketing your content, you need to know where your target audience hangs out online. Find your niche forums online and post your content over there. Be active on online groups and communities.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is a great way of getting relevant exposure in your niche. Think of submitting quality content pieces to popular blogging forums. Getting your articles published on platforms that have a strong existing following will indirectly link you with their social followers. Similarly, you can also consider letting bloggers write guest posts on your website.

Optimize Your Content for Search Engine

60–70% of web traffic generated by popular blogs comes from search engine results alone. So it’s extremely crucial for you to optimize your content pieces for search engines. SEO tactics can help you create a bulletproof social presence. From SEO titles to keywords, meta descriptions, meta tags, backlinks and more, make sure your article or blog is as SEO-friendly as possible.

Create a Newsletter

Newsletters are a convenient way of making sure your followers stay up to date with your content pieces. After people have subscribed to your newsletter, they’ll get notifications every time you publish new content.

Submit Content to Article Directories

Article directories are a great way of getting your content out there. For a small fee, an article publication site can publish your article so that your niche audience can have easy access to it. Make sure to include an author bio and links to your blogs and website in the articles so that your audience can get in touch with you.

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Content Distribution – How to Effectively Promote Your Blog Posts

You spent hours researching, analyzing, writing, editing, optimizing, and what not to make your blog post your best yet. But now what? You’re done with the writing part, but how do you get it across to viewers? This is where content distribution comes in. according to Buzzsumo, around 50% of the content that marketer shares receives approximately 8 shares or less. That’s disturbingly less recognition for all the effort you put in.

Many marketers fail to get their content out on the net sufficiently and optimally. In addition to writing the content, promoting it is just as important. What’s the point of writing really great articles if no one’s there to read it?

These tips can help you distribute your content more efficiently.

Use Social Media to Your Advantage

Once your blog post is ready to be published, consider sharing it across all your social media platforms. If you don’t have them, make them already! With 3.196 users across the world, social media is a force to be reckoned with. You should consider setting up business pages for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more.

You can use social media for content distribution by posting the link to the article on your channels, accompanied with a short blurb to entice viewers into reading it. Make sure to mention what benefit the readers can gain from your blog post.

Engage With Niche Target Groups

Find creative ways to share your content with niche audience groups that are more inclined towards hearing what you have to say. You can reach out to specific target audiences through social media groups like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ groups and communities. You can also post your content on specific forums and directories that cater to specific audiences.

Utilize Different Blogs

Running a successful content strategy doesn’t just mean churning out your own articles on the regular. It also means sharing other blogs and content that you find interesting or that provides value to your readers. You can find quality niche blogs that present different viewpoints, useful information, and other things of value to your readers. You can also share your own blogs on similar topics to promote your own content.

Use Article Directories

Article submission sites are a great way of distributing your content and making sure it reaches the maximum audience possible. You can use article submission services for various things such as promoting your book, or for sharing articles on specific topics such as cryptocurrency, travel, entrepreneurship, etc.

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How Curated Content Can Be Effective for Linkbuilding

Content curation has been a trending topic in the SEO world for some time now. You may have come across the term numerous times but never really thought of how it works. Content curation is more than just sharing good content, it’s about working on that content to make it even better. It is actually quite similar to a museum exhibit curation.

When you think about it, museum exhibits, well-crafted in their own right, have their value enhanced even further with curation. For example, museums carefully select an exhibit; place it at the right spot for maximum public impact, offer tours, guidebooks, and notations for each exhibit. Content curation is done similarly, except it is digital.

Content curation can be a great tool for linkbuilding. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Increase Value of Local Content

Merely posting content on a website for the sake of it won’t do you any good. Consumers rely on your content to provide them with something of value. When it comes to curating content, the first thing you should do is optimize your already existing articles. Categorize specific content according to consumer groups, give recommendations, and analyze content so that your audience can find something of value.

Post Content Regularly

Having a regular posting schedule really helps when it comes to content curation. When you establish a schedule, people will look forward to your posts. They will know you’ll be posting new content on a Monday or a Wednesday etc. You can also provide your customers the option for receiving new content through email. A regular schedule can build up viewers’ expectations and will definitely return for more if they are interested in what you have to say.

Use Different Platforms

These days, the internet is chock full of a variety of interesting platforms that you can use to post and curate your content on. Whether it’s Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, article directories, and what not, you have a wide variety of choice. Choose a platform that best works for your target audience and is ideal for publishing your content on.

Engage With Viewers

Part of using content curation for linkbuilding is maintaining a good relationship with your consumer base. Online content isn’t just a one-way street; you can actually interact and engage with your viewers for the best results. Curate your content to include discussion forums or feedback forms where they can have actual conversations with you or other viewers. Prime your content to be an online dialogue.

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What Are The Benefits Of Posting Your Content On An Article Directory?

So, you’ve written a few compelling articles and you’re sure they’ll boost your brand’s image and grab the attention of potential clients.

That’s great. Now the million dollar question is: where do you post them?

Articles aren’t like blogs; they can’t be posted on your website. So, where exactly do you post them and how do you get the attention your brand deserves?

It’s simple: article directories.

But what can article directories do for your brand and is it worth posting your articles there? Let’s take a look:

Free Advertising

One of the best things about article directories is that they allow you to add backlinks so you can add a link to your website in the CTA. So when readers go through your articles, they’ll learn about your brand as well and check out your website by clicking on the link.

The best part is you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on video marketing or billboard advertising to get the exposure you’re looking for.

Get Traffic For Your Website

As mentioned previously, you can add various backlinks, including a link to your website. This allows you to get traffic without having to heavily invest in advertising your brand the traditional way.

You can get creative with link building as well. You can link back to the blogs posted on your website to get traffic.

Not only that, you’ll also be able to get thousands to millions of visitors every month. This will allow you to build an online presence for your brand in a global marketplace.

Generate Leads and Sales

When you add backlinks to your articles, you’re helping readers navigate through your website and find the products they’re looking for. For example, let’s say you sell watches.

Your article is about the best affordable watches and you link back to a few of your products in the article, you’re guiding your readers to your website and services. If they click on your products and purchase them, you’ve successfully converted them into customers.

Consistent Traffic

Besides getting a flow of traffic, another benefit is that you’ll drive consistent traffic to your website. This is because unless the article directory shuts down, your articles are there forever.

This means that you’ll be driving a steady but consistent amount of traffic to your website. And if your writing is compelling and engaging, you can easily convert readers into customers.


These are just a few benefits of article directories. Now all that’s left is finding the right directory to help your website flourish.

This is where we come in.

Blofit is a free article directory that can help you build an online presence for your brand and boost your articles online! Register with us today to see quick results!

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